Building Wash - Softwash vs. Pressure wash

Kris Caswell

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1 year into the game now and wanted to share my experiences from the past year.

Previously we were x-jetting and or downstreaming building washes until recently. We now have a softwash system and has help tremendously allowing us to get the proper mix ratio's up for heavier stained area's.

Below is a wall we started applying our mix too. Even without rinsing in seconds you can see the difference.

All you new guys out there. save some time pay attn to the info on these boards. This same job would of took me forever if i was downstreaming / x-jetting

Building wash services performed in Sacramento, CA
building wash.jpg


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I have never needed anything stronger for walls than ratios I can get with ds or xjet (roofs and composite decks are another story). But ya know...we don't do alot of nasty stucco! Good work Kris.


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Each one has it advantages. Its up to you to know which one is best. I ds 95% of the time. But in those rare times


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That picture above looks great Kris.
Which system did you end up purchasing?

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