Ask about Propane water heater


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Is it bad idea to install Propane Tankless Water heater(225000 BTU) inside my cargo van to get hot water?
I will use 2gpm high temp electric washer and 3~4gpm 3000psi Gas washer. Not at the same time.
Anyone use Propane heater better??


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Have you seen Tankless(no coil)propane water heater on trailer or van?
I am looking at 1. Condensing Tankless of 225000BTU running hot water before pump. hoping to get at least 160F temp or higher. It is lighter and takes less space in my cargo van but needs 120V 3-4amp power source.
2. Normal propane hot box of 275000BTU (Hydrotek Hot link or likes)with millivolt pilot light. Is this not suitable for small power washer like 2gpm or should be ok?
Not use both at the same time but one in trouble the other on demand.

I usually use small electric washer (2gmp 1000psi) for cleaning inside kitchen and change with little bigger washer when cleaning fans and ducts.

Thank you for your helps and advices.