Any advice?

Lightning Gene

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I too use dawn when I run out of SC.

15 houses in your first 3 weeks in business. You should be posting some of your marketing methods. Unless you are charging $99 a house.

Maybe his wife helps him....


JL Pressure Washing
Dont put off the job, just use the Dawn. You better get used to the smell of SH if you are washing houses for a living. No big deal just get Dawn

Chris mentions mixing certain dish soaps could kill ya. Blue Dawn does have a nasty smell mixed with 12%, Green Apple Blossom doesnt have the same nasty smell. I think mostt dish soaps say dont mix with bleach but we still do. I DONT like the blue. Also in a pinch Simple Green will work and does cover the smell more

There are some real odor maskers out there Steve Rowlett used to sell a lemon scent that worked really well just an ounce or so and it worked well, little pricey

Dont put off a customers job, because YOU dont like the smell of bleach, thats just seems like bad biz

Good luck


I’ve been around for about 3 years and there is something I’ve never understood. Why does everyone worry about “masking” the smell of bleach with lemons or cherries? Are you trying to not let your customer know you are using bleach? In my sales presentation, bleach is a main selling tool. I don’t think I have ever lost a job because of bleach. I explain how we use it, how we rinse the plants and what is does. By the time I finished I have housewives telling how much they like bleach and how they use it in their house.

Doug Rucker

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I think most do it for their own sake while only smells good for the short period of time it comes out of your nozzle...after that it wears off pretty quick and its black to the bleach smell.