Air Diaphragm Pumps for Sale. Perfect for Roof Cleaning/Chems


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Check the classifieds for models, pictures and prices. I just posted a bunch of spare AODD pumps I am not using since we upgraded to 1" and 2".
I have 3/8", 1/2", 1/2" and 3/4", All Flo and Yamadas. All are Kynar so they are immune to Chlorine. This is THE way to go if you are sick of messing with electric pumps that are not designed for roof cleaning. These are all specifically designed for pumping chemicals in high lift situations and have zero restrictions on flow rates so if you want to put the finest mist nozzle in your arsenal on the end...or open flow, they just don't care. Call Kevin at 360-831-9494.


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Seen the call me info, I, will do. Give you a shout tomorrow it will be (732) number. Thanks . Joe