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    Water Reclaim for Commercial Properties

    In general, water reclaim is not necessary unless there is municipality regulations in your area. The Clean Water Act is a federal regulation that you can read about but basically you can't let any water enter Storm Drains. But I haven't in 14 years seen an EPA truck pull up to any job. And 75%...
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    Best Shooter Tips in the Industry

    Ill just take my Xjet from time to time
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    10gpm worth the headaches

    Just stick with your 8gpm if you want the pressure... that extra 2gpm really worth all this hassle? I would just say run the 8gpm at 3500. Sounds like a nice setup! Post a pic! Welcome to PWI!
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    Safety Orientation

    Yes, this is a good thread! Nice work from Scott! One of Arizona's finest!
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    berry stains on concrete

    SH for the WIN!
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    Question from a Newbie

    I would say you can definitely help bring power washing to your community. But I would offer window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, coil cleaning, commercial and residential. Try to offer as much as you can since your population is very limited. But pick up every restaurant in the...
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    sold my hood cleaning business

    Ive sold a power washing biz in my life!
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    New member - Central Power Washing

    Welcome to PWI! This is the best forum for power washing information on the web to date.
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    I’m back

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    Free Pressure Cleaning Arizona

    We did a cleaning for free for a homeless shelter before
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    Homemade Ride on Surface Cleaner.

    I’m surprised these haven’t become bigger since the Swabby 48
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    Pressure washing Mount Rushmore

    That is an epic job!
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    Wal-Mart and Service channel

    Talk about a company that went downhill with pressure washing... they had a great Master Service Agreement with local vendors and then switched it to 1 nationwide NSP... now their storefronts are in jeopardy
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    Carlos Gonzales Started a New training Group call Pressure Washing Training .com

    Thats pretty cool! I know Doug has some training courses as well. Good luck to Carlos!