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    PWNA/UAMCC Outreach

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: RE: PRIVATE CONFERENCE CALL - UAMCC/PWNA In light of recent events related to BMPs and Wash Water Control in Orange County, and the subsequent fallout, I believe it would be beneficial to host a conference call. This call would be between PWNA Board of Directors, PWNA...
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    Cleaner Times Article

    Cover Story of Cleaner Times Magazine...{"page":1,"issue_id":197194} Second cover story in an industry publication in the last year!
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    Injector O-rings?

    Anyone know where I can get generic downstream o-rings? They always go before the stainless spring - if I could buy a bag of them I would save some money versus a 'rebuild' kit. I think they are .208 x .070...
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    GX 630 Engine

    Putting a replacement engine on my Largo skid (Briggs died at 3700 hours) - figured I would document it here, and more to the point, ask for advice on how to get it all done. Perhaps the thread will help others in the future. Will be putting a different oil filter adapter on this one to allow a...
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    Hot box fuel tank position

    Just had a problem with a relatively new hot box fuel tank leaking, while waiting on a replacement I am running with a small 6 gallon marine tank on the floor of the flatbed truck. My guys are telling me that the burner is cutting off since I changed the tank out. I have noticed both of our hot...
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    Metal Roof Cleaning/Restoration

    We've got a green metal roof to clean at one of our centers... the cleaning part is not a problem - done plenty of that! However, the customer is asking if there is a waxing or restorative additive that can be added following cleaning to help restore a bit of gloss. Do you guys know of any...
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    Anyone got a wiring diagram

    Anyone got a wiring diagram for a 12v largo skid? Engine died in it and want to run off another unit until I get the new engine on the skid.
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    Beckett Cleancut Fuel Pump

    Can I mount a pressure gauge on a Beckett Cleancut Fuel Pump's bleeder port? Also, should the fuel pressure be at 140 psi? I am reading that it is set at 100psi at the factory - should I stick with this?
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    Cleaning chemical info

    There is some good reading at this link about cleaning chemicals and their makeup - some essential information for us all to help us understand the characteristics of the chemicals we use to make our job easier and give the best results to our customers...
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    Another lost email thread

    ... oh man, 4 years worth of email lost this week.... or so I thought!! Got a new 27-inch iMac last week (loving life right now!) and decided that I would change email settings because I want all delete/reply/forward, etc. email actions to be replicated across laptop, phones and ipad - changed...
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    Gas Price Check-in

    Davenport, FL Gas $3.89 Diesel $4.25
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    Ball Valves

    I have been using this type of ball valve for a few years now - but I am noticing that they are needing to be scrapped after 2 or 3 months of use (mainly shopping centers, gas stations and restaurant hot water type cleaning).
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    Crete Kleen

    Bought the drum kit Crete Kleen concrete cleaning chemical from Paul & Bill at powerwashstore a few days ago. I mixed up a batch for my guys who were out cleaning a few gas stations - they absolutely loved it in comparison to our previous Sodium Hydroxide/surfactant blend. I didn't tell them...
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    EPA related terminology

    Some definitions and clarification on terminology related to current topics of conversation - may help some of us who are not 'up to speed' on issues. Please read to become more educated on the Clean Water Act (CWA) and rinse water related issues that we face as pressure washing contractors...