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    how to make pictures smaller?

    not the most computer literate guy!i every time i try to add picture wont load i tink pictures are to big any help appreciated steve
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    ford versus chevy!

    just wondering wich is the better truck to buy ford f-550 or chev 5500? ive always been a ford guy, but have heard about a few problems just wondering if anybody has any stories about either??both pos or neg got invited to bid on large contract and must have either one with 12 or 14ft box...
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    20 hp honda surges

    afternoon russ 03 20 hp honda runs great at low to mead rpm but surges at high rpm i can see linkage moving during surge any help appreciated steve
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    washing gas bar/store

    did a cold call 3mo ago and today i get a call to wash tonight! because the district manager is coming to this store tommorowto see the results of the wash and also wants to know if i am willing to travel ? (he looks afte 51 stores! ) my question is how to charge for the travel part ,im willing...
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    went to look at some machinerey the other day a preveiw to an auction this week, next thing u know im washin!!!over 20 peices two 12 hour shiftsw 3900 bucks auctions a little gold mine!!!!!!!!!!! mad my own degreaser and u could watch the grease runnin very impresive!! just thought id share...
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    cracked pistons

    took apart ts2021 noticed all 3 pistons were cracked put in new seals any way and went back to work my question is why would only one (the middleone) piston leak??? and leak worse than before?culd the head be screwed??? any help appreciated steve
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    cement trucks

    looking for a little help on what to use on cement trucks? our local concrete plant has about 16 units and are willing to let me have one to try! looked on the net to many choices need something tried and true any help appreciated steve