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    Customer Care Service Center AKA website

    I've decided to use vBulletin for ECRC’s new website. In the past it probably wouldn't have been practical, but with the advent of the new Content Management System, I think it is. To initially get potential customers to the site, they'll see a message on their estimate that says: "Mention the...
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    Thief attacks Marines

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    Another Trailer Rebuild

    Really appreciate the replies, thanks! Tomorrow the cage gets welded on. Then the undercarriage is going to get an Ospho bath and undercoated a couple days after. Then I have to DA the frame and fenders, put some new metal in the wells, and it’s ready for prime and paint. I’m going to use 2x6...
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    Another Trailer Rebuild

    Here's another one... This one is going to be a softwash rig. Already did all the grunt work (it was a rust bucket). It just needs paint and rims. I can't believe how much paint costs these days. It cost me almost $100 for 1qt primer, a few oz of hardener, and 1gal of reducer.
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    Another Trailer Rebuild

    So far: Got the metal deck off and wire brushed the inside of the frame. Acid washed the cage, and slapped it back on the frame. Planning on cutting off the ramp carriers and welding the cage to the frame Monday. I want to lighten up the load, so I'm going to put a wood deck on it. I'm...
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    Patroit Loans for US Veterans

    Do you know about the Patriots Loan program? If you didn't, here's a link From what I've been told; this program has just been extended. I'm not sure what the terms are or how long it's been extended for, but if you're a Vet and you need to borrow...
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    Hi PWI

    Sorry I missed your call-back, Ron. After I called, I was off to do a small job.
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    Setting up a Fatboy & Accumulator Tank

    This is a first for me (I have zero experience with this equipment). I wanted to get it setup, or at least get the materials today, but I have a couple of questions. • How close can the accumulator tank be to one side of the pump and how far away (max) can the chem tank be from the other side...
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    Hi PWI

    I'm back. HA! No longer in Oklahoma. We moved to Pensacola, FL, several years ago. I'm going back into pressure washing full time, but with a twist. The company name is Emerald Coast Roof Cleaning. I'm still in the process of setting it all up and I don't plan to start promoting the company...
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    Hey y'all!

    Glad to see that you guys are still here and I hope y’all are going well! Long time, no post, for me. Several yrs ago I started flipping residential properties. It was all good until around the end of '06 then things started to tighten up. Since then, I've been doing Res/Comm building...
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    Hey Chuck...

    You still amoungst us, or did you sub out those accounts.... Hum, vacationing in the Caymen's, maybe?
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    Wanted: Hot Water, Portable

    Must be in good condition with maintenance records. Minimum Specs: 4.5GPM, 3000PSI, Kohler, Honda, or Briggs engine, Cat, General, or AR pump, Wayne or Beckett burner, Gen or 12V, low hours. All parts must meet MFG specs for unit (if anything has been replaced). Serious only. Email: me at...
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    I'm trying to find out as much as I can about an AOL ID: <>. Whoever it is, sent me an email this morning that has a RESTART.BAT and a jpg file of a Landa Logo, embedded in it. How can I find out who this character is? I already dumped the content (program) of the email and...
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    SE part of Massachusetts

    Does anybody who visits this board live the SE part of Massachusetts: From Boston to the Cape? If so, and you’d like to shake hands and swap some stories, email me. My wife and I will be in the area between the 30th of July and the 4th of August. Let me know, you (and your wife, husband...
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    Booyaa, I'm glad to Knooyaa!

    Chuck doesn’t seem to post much anymore, but since this is where I met the guy, I think it’s appropriate to offer my thanks and gratitude here, for all the help he has given me over the past several months. Chuck is one of the most decent people I’ve ever had the pleasure of running into. He...