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    Roof Cleaning Temps

    Quick question for you guys. Can you push cleaning temps a bit when you are roof washing? I usually don't clean houses when temps drop below 50 but roofs tend to see a lot more sunshine. I was just curious what everyone else does. Thanks.
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    Air Sealing Homes

    So this forum has helped me out an awful lot so I thought I would try and give back some. Don't know if this has been covered but it is new to me so I thought I would share. As winter approaches I found myself wondering what to do to keep some money coming in (besides gutter cleaning). I came...
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    KEC Insurance

    Who do you go through for your KEC insurance? I am really having a hard time finding any info on this type of insurance. Thanks for your help.
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    Not bad for my first Deck job

    Thanks guys! It wasn't exactly a small deck. I just didn't want to over load the thread with pics. I used Deck Restoration Plus water based stain. The color was Medford Cedar. Big thanks to Mr. Everett Abrams for the advice. I cleaned it with DRP cleaner, followed by DRP brightener. I let it dry...
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    Not bad for my first Deck job

    I learned a lot. I knew going into this job that the goal was to learn as much as I could and determine if deck restoration was a good fit for my company. Jury is still out on that one.
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    Some stain advice

    Hi folks! I could use some advice but I would say mostly opinion. I am going to cut my teeth so to speak on my in-laws deck. I have done it before. But it has been a bit. Clean, neutralize/brighten, stain. The opinions I am looking for are about stains. What do you think are the best stains. I...
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    F9 Barc Before Afters

    F9 is awesome!
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    Rust Removal

    I think a dedicated thread to rust removal would be great. F9 is really amazing. These stains were on vinyl siding for 8 years that we know of. The home owner was standing next to me when I applied F9. F9 is absolutely amazing! The homeowner couldn't believe his eyes! I couldn't believe it. Rust...
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    Strip Mall Water Hookup's

    I was out yesterday evening scoping out a strip mall I would like to bid on and I noticed that they do have water hookup's on the front of the building but no handles to turn on/off. Are those valves in a maintenance room or are they in one of the stores? Just curious about how that works...
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    F-13 (Gutter Grenade)

    So last year I used L.A.'s Awesome Orange to clean the black streaks off of gutters. It works good but I found myself becoming a bit nervous using it on really bad gutters. It seemed to take a lot of paint off when it cleaned. I washed 2 houses yesterday and used the f-13 for the first time. I...
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    Washing a 16x16 deck

    So I have a deck to wash this upcoming weekend. It is a stained deck and the customer wants me to wash it so that he can re-stain it. I was thinking to just use ebc to wash it? Would another chem do a better job? I appreciate any input. Thanks.
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    First Pool Deck Bid

    Good day folks! Once again, I have a few questions for the pros. I have been asked by my own HOA to bid on cleaning the pool deck. The best part about this is that I didn't even approach them. It turns out I washed one of the ladies on the boards house and she was so impressed that she...
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    Dumpster Cleaning?

    Here is another question for you folks. Do you clean inside the dumpster when you are doing a pad?
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    SH potency?

    Quick question for you experts. If you purchase 55 gallons of 12% SH, how long will it stay fresh? Basically, how quickly does it degrade? Thanks a bunch.