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    Complete 2 Machine Setup

    First off, stopping in to say hey to the old alumni of PWI! After being in business since 2008, I've decided to let it all go. I am now a fiber optic tech with our local utilities company that is destined to be my profession until retirement. The PW'ing business grew from a 1 man show to a 4...
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    Look what I found on top of a roof.

    Here's a pic of what a home owner tried to do before calling me. Thank goodness he stopped. I don't know what he had in mind going up another 30 ft. past where he tried this, but I'm sure it wouldn't have been good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A little motivation-

    While reviewing this year's fiscal operating budget, and getting myself mentally ready for the upcoming residential season I came across a few bits of wisdom shared with me by fellow businessman I network with. Hope it helps someone else get focused too! 1. SET A STANDARD, TRAIN FOR AND ACHIEVE...
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    The Power Of PWI

    Just to show how search engines patrol this site. I listed some air duct cleaning equipment for sale here, and I've got it sold. The only other place it was listed was craiglist, and I thought that was what the guy was looking at when were initially talking about the equipment. He asked if I...
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    Be sure to enter for the give-sways!

    Meant give-Aways, but it got your attention didn't it? For some reason the "prizes" forum doesn't pop up on the most recent page so hit this link up.
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    Gift Card Give-away

    FREE GIVEAWAY! Hey Everybody, make sure to "like" my new business Facebook page. I sent out recommendations to my FB friends just now. I will be at the Manchester, TN home show again this year, March 26 & 27, 2011. I'm doing give-aways at the show to random people, but I want to do something...
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    Online Graphics Printers

    I'm looking into getting some lettering done for my residential van. I typically would use a local provider, but I want to price shop a bit. Has anyone had experiences with some of these load up, print, & ship sites out there? Typical lettering should be cut & dry. My only concern would be...
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    Air Duct Cleaning Equipment for sale Used

    Here's a link to my Craigslist posting for the air duct cleaning equipment I bought in 2009. I'd really like to do some trading with someone looking to get into other avenues of property maint. for some pw'ing equipment. Really looking for another heated skid (at least 7gpm) and reclaim. In the...
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    Logos, see if you see yours.

    I was doing an analytic rundown of traffic to my site and found this to be a source...
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    iPhone finally coming to Verizon

    Just when I was about to get a new Droid business phone...
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    Any Picker's out there?

    Not talkin bout noses or plundering thru junk to find collectable antiques either. I've always wanted to learn to play acoustic guitar, so I'm starting to look into a decent starter. I know there's.$99 brand new piles of crap out there in big box stores. Music City (Nashville) being so close...
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    Where not to do a Homeshow

    Set up a table yesterday at a fairly large mall for a home expo put on by a local Christian radio station. My placement was optimal, between JC Penny,Sears and the food court. Traffic flow was decent, but interest by passer-by's was just plain pitiful. People just wanted to do their shopping and...
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    First Cedar Restoration

    Hey all you wood guys, give me some honest critique. I've only messed with pine decks and fence restoration jobs. Today I did this small western cedar, which was a totally different animal, siding job using restore and deck and shake brighter from espec. Customer was tickled to death, so I guess...
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    Downstream Dilema

    Thought I just had an injector crap out on me, no problem so I thought. I grab another out of the war chest in the van and slap it on, no dice. So I finish up the job for the day with the stand-by x-jet. I get home and hook up both "bad" injectors (Super Suds Suckers from E-Spec) to my skid...
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    Things I Learned While Cleaning

    Cleaned 16 3 story apartment breezeways, mostly college kids. Here's just a few things I learned from them and a few general observations. - If a cop lives in the complex you're supposed to spit your gum in front of his door. - You must take off the tax labels from you're bottles of alcohol...