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hi-temp hydro

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First off, stopping in to say hey to the old alumni of PWI! After being in business since 2008, I've decided to let it all go. I am now a fiber optic tech with our local utilities company that is destined to be my profession until retirement. The PW'ing business grew from a 1 man show to a 4 person operation (not too bad for there not being a major city within 50 miles), but I recently parted ways with my last employees, and do not wish to go any further. My family and M-F job are my main focus and I don't need any other distractions. I learned a lot in the early days here at PWI, especially at the round table meetings in Prattville, Las Vegas (Tony S., you da man), and Ft. Worth. I wish you all well, especially you new guys, if I can make a profitable business in my market that supported my family, you can do it in yours!

Here's a link to my CL listing, I don't want to have to build something to house it or take up garage space, so I'm pricing it all to sell.
See if you can spot the PWI sticker!