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    Whoreing up the winter market

    Welp------ its whore up the market time I guess. Gotta love it!!
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    Whisper Wash Classic Deland, FL $325

    Alright, I found this on Craigslist for all of you Orlando/Daytona Boys!! Guy is asking $325 Bet it can bought cheaper!! It would cost me too much in time and fuel to grab it up from Jax!
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    Shooter tips

    So you don't end up like me this morning !!
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    New to the Busniess advice

    Good ole Florida shallow wells!! (ox)
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    Building new rig will post photos are its being completed

    Heat is nice. Mostly commercial. Used it on some pavers the other day at a Cadillac dealership. Yea I click the video button and paste the link.
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    Best High Pressure Hose

    OK, so I added hot water........... My HP hose doesn't like it...... or at least it loves to burst at even the sound of the bellow of the burner. I am intending on going R2....... any proven suggestions with Hot Water? Or do I need to just have my Hose Boss guys make me some.. ( while...
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    Hot Box Install Complete

    Thanks to bill at I installed the HotBox today. All by my 175 lbs self. If was a PITA with no help. But I got it!! oy one self induced dent. But it was 500 lbs and I was on a mission from God!! ( in my Belishi-akroyd voice)
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    Graffiti in my neighborhood -HOA idiots

    Sooo. I came across graffiti on an entryway sidewalk a few weeks back. Posted the pic on the HOA FB page. It's been there for years!! (Obviously). After questioning why my dues don't pay for routine concrete cleaning and why they haven't hired a professional contractor to remove the graffiti...
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    Hot Box Battery Suggestions

    So i am adding a hot bot.. Looking for experienced suggestions of battery types ( brands, groups etc ) that others are using when they added hot boxes to their cold water set ups.
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    Long Day

    UP at 6am.. OTD at 630. Ran a landscape route with a crew form 7 until 6 pm. Cleaned 8500SF of concrete for a commercial client after they closed at 8pm...... 35 yards of mulch to put down at the same location in the morning.... ( this part is being subbed, so it can be blown in, and ill just...
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    How do I set this pump up to allow bypass back to the water tank? [pic]

    Add another nipple to the opposite side on the existing inlet. Search dual feed. There plenty of pics abd discussions.
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    How do I set this pump up to allow bypass back to the water tank? [pic]

    OK .. I added some notes to your pic....... I hope this helps!!
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    Drum hand truck recommendations

    Got the Wesco $289. Free shipping with Amazon Prime. Best deal I could find. I'll carry to my shop this morning.