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    Orange County Official Responds

    I have said publicly I would report when I determined the cause of discrepancies among those involved in the Orange County situation. I have seen some of the correspondence, which led me to interview Richard Boon this morning. While I have not gotten into the weeds of what all was said and where...
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    Look what it Took to Make E-clean today, this is my rewards after 30 years

    Again, the screen shot you keep posting is partial. You've left out your comment beforehand. I will post it once again, and I'm going to type out what it says for all the onlookers who do not want to have to log in to see it. Here's what it says -- Ron Musgraves: If I sent you a file do I have...
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    Downloadable Flyer: Angie's List Article Promoting Roof Cleaning

    We have posted a one-page flier with the recent Angie's list article promoting the need for roof cleaning. Feel free to download the pdf file to print and distribute to your customers and/or post on your website...
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    The New eClean Magazine is now Online!

    In case you missed it, the new eClean Magazine went online earlier this week. The focus is on historic restoration, with articles on cleaning historic brick, pressure washing and lead paint, washing historic windows, history of the squeegee, plus insurance for power washers, pricing, and more...
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    New eClean Now Online!

    Be sure to check out the article about UAMCC/PWI members helping the Moore, Oklahoma tornado victims! Plus, understanding shopping center pressure washing, fleet washing, working with hydrofluoric acid, the new Street Bidder app, and more.
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    Industry Events: New Additions and Updates, from eClean Magazine

    I have updated the eClean Events page from now through the end of the year. Lots going on! A few summer highlights: NEXT WEEK is the Milwaukee Training Seminar, sponsored by and National Cleaning Expo, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; July19-20 is the 5th Annual Midwest Cleaning...
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    New eClean Magazine Now Online!

    The new eClean Magazine is online. High-rise cleaning, ladder safety, cleaning interior heights, plus Inside Soap Warehouse, collecting information on competitors, controlling you emotions in business, and more. Read it at
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    eClean Calendar of Events Updated: Several happenings NEXT week

    Each month, eClean Magazine provides a fairly comprehensive list of industry-related events. I have added quite a few new happenings, and there are several happenings NEXT week (these were posted earlier but I want to make sure everyone's aware). Free window cleaning...
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    New eClean Survey: Industry Trade Associations

    New eClean Survey online: Please take a few minutes to complete this SHORT survey about what's important to you when it comes to trade associations. Thank you!
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    eClean's Contests and Giveaways Page

    I have updated our industry contests and giveaways page. Several opportunities to win items, ranging from hats to a surface cleaner. Check our our page to learn more.
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    eClean's Events Page: Updated for 2013

    I have updated our events page for 2013 -- everything I currently know of for the year. (Of course, more will be added as details come in, and if you know of something I need to add, please email me!) If you're looking for educational and networking opportunities, be sure to see what's going on.
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    eClean Magazine: Help Us Plan for Next Year

    We need your help planning eClean Magazine's schedule for 2013. Please take a moment to complete our brief survey. Be sure to include your contact information on the last question to be entered into our drawing for a $50 Visa giftcard. Deadline for the drawing is midnight, December 23.
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    Hurricane Sandy

    I am needing to interview companies impacted by Hurricane Sandy, whether you suffered from damage or are helping with the cleanup efforts. Please email me to be included in an upcoming article for eClean Magazine: Thank you!
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    Stay Busy This Winter: the new eClean Magazine is now online!

    The new eClean Magazine is online: Staying Busy in the Winter. Articles include fleet washing in cold weather (guidance from industry veteran Paul Kassander); ice dam removal; winter window washing; snow plow pricing; ultrasonic blind cleaning; plus articles on sales and marketing, including one...
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    Needing Photos for Next eClean Magazine

    The next eClean Magazine should be online later this week. I am looking for some more photos, however. Specifically, I need the following: Holiday lighting projects (for those who add holiday lighting as an add-on service) Snow plowing photos Ice Dam Removal photos Fleet washing in the cold...