What are some good scanners for receipts?

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I would probably put many receipts onto a table and take pics or like the scanner, lay out as many will fit then scan so it will go faster.

Again, this is just a backup in case the receipts fade, get lost or destroyed so I have something for my records.

I shoot with Phone and Discard Them only if Cash, Tony Gives Good advice if your Letting them any Place near your accounting. No IRS will see my bank Statements without a Judge ordering it. I provided them only what My attorney will Let them see. Having a lawyer represent if he is good they will never go further than the response. This is why they Note the Place the BOOKS are kept's and who the agent doing them is. Thats why its on the forms, because Tony Conforms he is now a Target and has Increased his Chances of future audits.

Like He preaches do not Conform , they might tell you that you need receipts its BS. The entire CODE is based on what you tell them not what they can't Prove. Without you they can't prove anything

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
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I thought about scanning receipts before. Even tried it for a while. But after two full audits I think it's more beneficial to just print out all your records and provide paper receipts.

The auditor usually doesn't care about what your books say and they don't care too much about receipts until they've gone through your bank statements first.

Any receipts that show up in your bank statement are of little concern to them. They just mark them off and never look at the receipt.

They are going to start with your gross bank deposits, then go through the statements and add up what your expenses were, occasionally asking you what a line item is for.

I had piles of receipts that filled up a conference room sized table and they didn't even look at 1/5th of them. And they only looked at those at the end when there were some items on our bank statement that I couldn't account for. Then we had to dig into the receipts and match them up with the bank statement.

I spoke with 4 attorneys before our first audit and some of them wouldn't give me a cost. The one that did wanted $40k just to represent us after he asked how much money passed through the bank. So I just determined to deal with it myself and I'm glad I did.

I don't mind audits anymore. I just throw everything out on the table and tell them to have fun. The last one took two weeks of them sitting at a table from 9 to 4 and I got hit with a few hundred dollar fine for giving a part time employee a little more than $600 and writing it off without a w-2. I just gave him $40 here and $20 there and it added up to more than $600.

Otherwise we passed with flying colors.

YES its Easier to Conform.LOL

After Conforming I got a 750,000 LEVY once, ONCE !!!!
I will not be using software to do anything to the receipts, all I want to do is scan the receipts to save an image of them so if I am ever audited, I have an image of the receipts whether they faded or not. I can put receipts into piles of the same type of receipt category and even by month if needed when I scan them, I just want a copy of them as soon as I can.

I will not be using the scanners or their software to do anything but make an image of the receipts so I have a backup of the receipts in case they fade, get lost or destroyed.

I am not ready to do what you are doing with the receipts yet, maybe next year or later on, way too many irons in the fire to be messing around with software and other stuff when I have other things that are higher priority right now.

I am looking at scanning hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of receipts (many, many file storage boxes full of receipts) so I am worried that if I get one of those scanners that feed the small receipts through them like the Neat Receipts type scanner, they might wear out so I might have to buy the extended warrranty to be safe.

CL, have you scanned multiple hundreds or thousands of receipts with the Cannon P215 and it is still working ok or was it used once in a while? There really is a lot of receipts that need to be scanned and when I am done, I might have to help my brother with his many boxes of receipts for his business.

Again, this is just to make an image (picture, pdf or whatever type of document with the receipt on it) so it will be saved forever, not worried right now about manipulating the receipts into spreadsheets or anything else right now, maybe next year or later on, I just want to start this project and get it done.

Thanks for any help.
"Turbo Scan" app for iphone and ipad. Works great. Cost about $5, WAY cheaper than Neat. I use it to keep track of receipts and to make copies of invoices and estimates that I give to customers.
"Turbo Scan" app for iphone and ipad. Works great. Cost about $5, WAY cheaper than Neat. I use it to keep track of receipts and to make copies of invoices and estimates that I give to customers.

It also has a feature where you can email it to a pre saved email address with one click. I have one specifically just for receipts. After I scan the receipt I send it to my receipt gmail account. That way they are already saved and sorted by chronological order and easy to find by date. Its my poor mans "Neat" system lol