The Pitch Witch Roof Cleaning System

Glenn, how much is the pitch witch and the extension pole?
You can e mail me if you would not like to post prices here

PS. I will also be needing prices for a new hot PW and surface cleaner soon.


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We target 500 psi in a 40 degree fan with nozzle placement @ 6 to 8 inches from the roof surface.


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anytime someone mentions and kinda of pressure on shingles they get obliterated so i dont think anyone will fess up lol
We have a Pitch witch but it just sits on the shelve.
Are you able to get the roof clean in the cold? We never seem to be able to get them clean whben the temps's drop.


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We don't try unless it's dry, 45 and rising. Even then it takes a little more mix. We haven't been above freezing for quite a while so I don't think roofs are on the schedule for some time.


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The pitch witch is an awesome tool. It does cut the pressure down and provides a consistent flow of water. More granuals are lost by walking on the roof in the wrong kind of footwear. I have a little video of me rinsing with one on my phone.