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looking at my company name its pretty obvious that I have lawn care and pressure washing going on. The lawn care is easy, month to month billing all year round. simple and I have a great program designed for lawn/landscaping crews for scheduling and billing.
Now the house washing we do...It has grown tremendously and I am losing track of repeat customers and rescheduling reminders. In my working area, Most get cleaned every six months or so, but the occasional few want it done yearly. Im in need of a database program, invoicing optional, but I need rescheduling reminders in six months, but if they dont go for a wash in six months, I want another reminder in 3 months and then 3 again until they get house done, then it would go back to 6 month. Anything like this out there...I am in need of some help.


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I have great luck with the customer factor. It's a web base program. To me it is well worth the small monthly fee. you can google it


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Do you have a computer? Set it up there.

WHAT?!?! LOL :sarcastic:

I have quickbooks that I used to use for my check book register a few years back...does that do the schedule keeping of reminders I am looking for?


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I have great luck with the customer factor. It's a web base program. To me it is well worth the small monthly fee. you can google it

just watched the video on The Customer Factor. I am going to try the 30 day free trial, looks like what I was looking for. And since its web based, it would be great as I am going to purchase a netbook to keep in the truck and a blu-tooth printer powered by an inverter, then I will be able to print the invoices and estimates right at the job. Looks like it will do the scheduling of reminders as I was looking for. One question that wasnt answered was...can you export the customer database out of the program if ever decide to cancel??? It speaks of importing, but not exporting.


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Scheduling Manager from THoughtful Systems

The Scheduling Manager, from Thoughtful Systems, is very good at scheduling. You can schedule jobs at all sorts of intervals, including once every 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc. You can also use the reminders feature to set up reminders.

What also works well is the email module. You can send out emails like for example 5 months after a client last had a job, to remind the customer about your services. This generally gets a few new jobs going, I find.

Take a look at Not sure if thats the right URL, but the company is Lawn Pro Software. It's a Cloud based CRM Scheduling and Accounting app. I was looking for an "on premise" solution when i came across their free trial, so i decided to check it out. FELL IN LOVE WITH IT !! Was sad to see the clock tickin down on the free trial, but i hate the thought of a Monthly fee. Then i looked at their pricing.. Yeas it's about $25 a month, BUT... You can buy LIFETIME access for around $250 ! and they even have a 5 installment option. Im sold.

It offers
one time & recurring scheduling
customer database
online payments
equipment maintenance scheduling
asset management
customer login portal (customers see their own account)
employee login with schedules, routes, and time clock

oh hell.. theres just too much to mention, check it out for yourself


Been using Lawnpro for a couple years now. I've been looking at yard book. I like their interface but just don't want to migrate. Afraid I'll loose some info.

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