Power Washer with Reclaim Needed in San Diego Area

AZ PowerWash Pros

New member
Hey guys, looking for a power washer in San Diego with reclaim. I have 26 coffee shops that need their drive-thru arrows removed for a client of mine. Guy said he has 26 locations in San Diego that need done but they require reclaim. I was going to drive down there but the price per location does not make sense for me to go down there. I made it work locally.

-remove painted stripes and arrows from Drive Thru ONLY by using stripper and hot water
-rinse down the entire drive thru - DONT touch curbs
-reclaim the water and clean up paint chips
-26 locations - 2 per night
-takes my guys 1-2 hours (some locations only have 1 arrow and some have up to 3)

Text me if you are interested, 602.730.2559

Im not going to be doing this often but just want to make the client happy and see if I can help a UAMCC member out.