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Okay, I am not going to wait for certain dates. The season is upon us and I want to know from everyone if we want to do this roundtable now, or wait till the specified dates. Let me know so I can start to work on it. I am thinking about renting a small hall and having it catered. I already have a equipment distributor lined up and I am going to get the insurance company who I go through (400 a year) to be there also. Any other suggestions?

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It’s a free world but the principal idea is that we all stand together and have the meeting together close to the same days. This helps everyone involved and helps promote the idea itself.

The round tables where accepted by many last run. If you have a stand alone meeting the others get intimidated by your solo efforts.

I myself have no problem because I don’t sell any thing other than service. When we do this together and everyone has an equal chance to participate this makes a level playing field.

I support your efforts regardless and would like to help and just sharing and outside looking in view.

Suggestion , get the distributor to participate right now and get the insurance guy to sign one the bbs and say he’s going to attend. I’m not questioning your word just that the marketing of having and insurance guy present will make your meeting a success. Especially if the guy understands the problems we face.

Mike good luck whether it is you join us in October or have one now. Call if you need anything.
The meetings are a great idea, however is is not easy for everyone to attend or host at the same time. The goal should be for everyone to learn and network and a calander or clock should not dictate these things. Anytime a group can get together it is always good. My door is always open.
I have no problem having it when everyone else does, but I also wanted to have one soon. I figured my supplier could save some people money, and I know my insurance "lady" will definitly save people money. I just switched this year and I was paying 1200 a year, now I am paying 400 a year for the same coverage. Sad part is she can only write in Ohio.
I will see what I can do about getting her company to sign on here, but if not, I will let everyone know if they will definitly be there. I am actually trying to get them to host the meeting so we don't have to pay anything out of pocket.


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Ohio round table

Extreme ( Mike ) Call if you can love to talk to the ins lady. If i could get the info from you i would appreciate it very much. I'm here in Medina Ohio Thanks Chuck 330-723-4196


You say that your Insurance Lady can only write in Ohio. Are they the actuals, or are they putting it through someone else. I would like to check into this. I stand to save $1200. if I could get your rate. Who is the actual carrier?
Thank you