Newbie here, anyone know how to wash a JL


JL Pressure Washing
Hey got a text from Ron today so I thought I'd come on and say hey..."Hey"
Hope everyone is doing great, who's out here now?
Been staying real busy, kids are growing and into all kinds of stuff, been having a blast with the family. Son is doing AAU basketball tournaments, daughter doing all kinds dance competitions and both are just so smart and straight A students. My son is going into middle school. Man they really do grow fast.
My wifey, she's as beautiful and fun as ever.
biz will always drive me a little crazy but "Life is Good" for sure.

Well whats everyone doing? I know you all miss me and probably stopped coming on here when i wasn't around anymore but really hope everyones biz & family are doing great.

Doug Rucker

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Life is GREATt.....good to see you here keeping up with your kids on FB...they grow so fast huh? See you in MB in September. Stick around awhile.

Ron Musgraves

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That's great Jeff , kids are getting big!!

See you in sept

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Paul Kassander

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That's great Jeff its great you have been able to build such a successful business and even better things are going great on the home front.


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Hey Jeff,I was in Myrtle Beach for spring break,Thats where we always take one of our yearly vacations you know.I seen one of your trucks on the road.I was going to call you and hang with you again like we did a few years ago but the family kept me busy this vacation.Anyway glad all is well with you and your family.