Listen to what Members of the UAMCC Say about the Association !!!!!


Checking in, another proud member of the UAMCC.

The UAMCC has done more in a very short time than all of the other "so called orgs" have done in their entire existence to help contractors in many different ways.

It is great that the UAMCC has helped so many contractors with the conventions, round tables, trainings, certifications, networking, online and offline help, it is great to be a part in this true organization.


New member
Hey Jacob Clabaugh checking in. The UAMCC is the best thing to happen to my business. The membership already paid for itself in savings through getting my business started and the discounts available. The best thing is that is the smallest benefit. The knowledge and confidence I have since becoming a part of this group is PRICELESS!

Dawn Evans

New member
This has been the most helpful organization in the industry! You really get the sense of community and that everyone wants you to succeed. It has been wonderful to find a place that you can feel secure asking what some may term "stupid questions" but get the help that you need. Thank you to so many in this group and a special thank you to the girls out there that have really come together and make you feel like you really belong in this industry. Without the UAMCC, none of that would have been possible.
What is this UAMCC that you all speak of??? Lol. Just Kidding! You can't help but end up with a great org like the UAMCC when you combine great people and the unlimited amount of knowledge that they and the members possess. Its a perfect recipe for success.

Tim Welker

New member
Great group of helpful people. Always some one there to help you out when you need. Chris Chappel a member in my city just loaned me a piece of equipment for a job I needed. Just an example of the quality of this group.

Joshua Williams

New member
We have learned a lot from almost every person we have met. From the get togethers, to the forums, to regular question and answers, its all there for the taking. Thanks to all the members that have helped pop and my family with this business along the way.
Uamcc is free! You can become a paid member and there are some great benefits come with it, but the best things in life are free and the Uamcc is proof. People ask "what do I get when I join the Uamcc?", but most people who join do it because they have already received and they just want to support the organization and the industry. Uamcc is a power washing and cleaning org for every contractor whether you pay or not. Become a donating member only when you are ready. This is what makes the Uamcc so special in my opinion.