Innovative Shooter Tips updat!


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Our, James VanHandel, shooter tips have become such a hit we now carry 6 different sizes. They are awesome is what we have been hearing.

Sizes come in
.20 2.5-2.5 gpm machines
.30 4 gpm
.40 5 gpm
.50 8 gpm
.60 9-10 gpm
and as requested for the big guys .70 12+ gpm
Just got to and order them here.

Thanks guys


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Can't wait to finally get one and give it a try! I've heard nothing but rave reviews about the tips so far and am really excited to try it on some peaks.


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Got an email from a guy in the UK to thanks us for building the different size Innovative Shooter tips it has changed the way they do their work.


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I use them on my modified x-jet to soap really high... I definitely like them for 2nd story and higher applications in most circumstances. It's becoming my go to tip!