Hog hunting with nightvision


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Is it just for sport or can you eat those things?

There is good money in them furs... You're looking at about $15K right there. Those went to the fur sale in 07. This year we made over $50K.

Anthony, you shooting a 17, 22-250, 223 or something larger? You guys are getting them good, your calling them in I assume.

.17 Rem, and .19 badger for the cats....

.223/12 gauge for coyotes...or whatever we have in our hand at the time. Got one with a bow last year. I can't wait for a little bit colder weather to get here. I'm chomping at the bit to go hunting this season.


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Wow! Nice cats. We don't have but a few cats here and they are protected. I thought they had stopped hunting darn near everything in CA.

My favorite varmint hunting site is varmintal.com he's in Northern CA I think. We are loaded with yotes but they are pretty rough until mid to late winter when their coats get full. But we have standing orders from my farmer friends to kill them on sight. I've bow killed a few while deer hunting and killed a bunch hunting with a .223 Savage. One of the few critters we can use HP rifles on legally.

Didn't realize how many on here hunted.

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I bet man...I love to hunt at night. About 95% of these were taken at night ;)

Nothing Conservative about that picture..:eek: