Gov Contracting 101

Scott Stone

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The big Chicago contract had a 30% set aside for minority businesses. That means that if you bid 100k their 130 k bid would be considered lower. My wife is president of our business for just that reason. She also happens to have a Hispanic last name. It is a sad state of affairs when we have to play that game in order to level the playing field.


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California- Calls for many Government and City bids to hold a Small Business clause. Small business recognized as gross receipts under 15million over a 3yr period and less than 100 employees.

I'm not minority, a women, or a disabled veteran, but the Small Business status helps get a foot in the door on many city,county, state projects. I actually just won a bid because of the small business status of my company. Received a 3% bonus as the SB and beat the other bid with the bonus 3%.

Work every angle you can. Also you can bid projects as a prime and bid out 25% of the project to SB,DVBE,SLBE, etc... and still retain the % bonus given to a full fledge minority, women owned etc.... business. It's a game- cross your T's and dot your I's, its tougher without the designations, but there are other angles that help to make it fair for everyone.


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pretty much what everybody has said. I just went up to the purchasing department explained my services, they referred me to a couple of people. I ended up softwashing the city hall roof and now I should be set to window wash there exterior windows. close to 5,000 profit between those two jobs.