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Hydrofluoric in more than a couple % is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and you should be very well trained in its use. 8% is high and in this category. Can it be used to remove rust? SURE but the law of diminishing returns comes into play. It would not be worth permanently injuring yourself to do a job. And in actuality, HF doesn't work all that well and can damage many surfaces very quickly.

Currently we don't sell F9 in Australia and shipping is quite a bit. Your best bet would be to mix some Oxalic up and start with that.

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Thanks Craig!
I currently already use oxalic acid now. Is it much different to Phosphoric acid as I haven't tried that on rust yet?


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The real danger in Hydroflouric acid is that you can get it on your skin and not notice. Hydrochloric will burn on contact, Hydroflouric not necessarily. What HF will do is strip the calcium from your bloodstream which can lead to cardiac arrest. Not worth it in my opinion.

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Here are some pics of a recent Houston Texas battery acid rust stain restoration job we did using the F9 BARC. Best rust removal product I have ever used.