Do me a favor PLEASE

Leilani UAMCC

Thank you Tony for all you do not only for the Org but for the industry in general. You are a testament of what it means to be a true artisan of our industry. Keep up all the great work you and let me know if there is anything I can do to help with your cause.

Terry Mc Kenna

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I have only recently joined the UAMCC and in the short time i have been here I have seen outstanding work done by several members. To tony and all the people involved I would like to say thank you and hope I will be able to help in some way in the future..


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Thank you Tony for the never ending support you have shown to the power washing indrustry. Keep up the good work!!


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Thank you for not just being a mouth piece but someone who actually puts action to the words they speak.


Just got back from spending some time with Carlos cleaning all the parking stalls across an entire gas station storefront. I timed him every minute the gun was open. At 8 GPM he used 112 gallons if water. That is less than a full bath. And now all the slippery oil, antifreeze and nasty food spills are gone. Conserving water? Yes, we have been doing it for years.

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I asked if I could take a break and Tony said NO. LOL. Good seeing ya Tony and thanks for hanging out.

Stalls were deep....not your standard footprint. Alot of oil, grease and just crap everywhere. 6-8 stalls sidewalks.

Good times!


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Tony thanks for all you do to help our industry and our association! I know it's a huge time commitment that's pulling you away from things that would be more profitable and fun for you. Thanks so much for stepping up!


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Tony, You know your stuff and present it well. Keep doing your thing because without guys like you we all would be workin at wallmart!

Tony Shelton

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We all work for Walmart anyway. I would guess many of us spend more there than we do on our mortgages.

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