5 story condo units

shane mckinney

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never mind......a true zero(red nozzle) will not draw chems, and that is what i thought we we were talking about.My bad.........
worse come to worse and if none of these options work, I'd try the yellow noodle.
I used it once and brought it back the same day but I used it on a much smaller paying job.
If it pays well, I'd probably do it again.
I'd definitely try to avoid though.
It's quick fatiguing and flimsy... wind could blow and push it too close to the building and it ends up doing damage

Doug Rucker

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I need some direction on cleaning some 5 story condo units. The problem is we wont be able to get a lift on the backside of these units due to trees and shrubs being in the way.I can shoot up to 4 stories without a problem but the 5th level is the roof eves and cantView attachment 27257 reach with what I have.What do I need in equipment to get up to the 5th level?I know my competitors are going to see this and recognize the open bid out there for these units.

If you can shoot up to 4 stories no problem, then get a 10 foot or higher step ladder and stand on it. This should give you the extra reach you need. You can also attach a long extension wand, say a 6ft, 8ft, or even 10 ft to help. Your gonna need to make sure the wind conditions are just right and be careful of where your over spray could go if there is even the slightest wind. Also make sure you have let your customer know that the Wood Siding will clean up as well if you are using bleach.

Also, It also looks like you may be able to stand in the top balcony at the corners nearest the middle of the balcony and spray 1/2 from one side and then spray the other 1/2 from the other balcony. You would just have to make sure that you can get access to the apartments to get to the balcony. Again, you may need an extension want to get up and over the gutter line for the corners of the gables, but being that close and if wind conditions are good, then using a regular chemical spray tip should work. Just may take a lot of solution. And I would have someone on the ground, and both of you with walkie talkies so you can communicate that your getting the areas you may not be able to see.


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Rent some or barrow pump jacks. Attach them to the 2nd or 3rd story. You'll need a harrness 2 racks 1 to stand on a 24 inch is very comfortable and a 2nd rack as a safety rail. You can also attach wand to the pump jack poles vertically strap it on a shoot the wall. The wand is secure and so are you. They go up fast.


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Pump jacks with 2 Picks 1 for standing 1 for safety rail. No lifts its the only the safe way if you can't shoot it. You can get up 3 stories no problem. The only issue with pump jacks is the angle you'll be shooting from. But if the building has decks thats your bracket location. 3 pump jacks will keep the job moving if its a wide building. Send me a picture of the back