You will hate this...


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Let me start off by saying that I am not into KEC. My buddy however landed 16 accounts by some magic and has no experience. Landed as in its a go and start dates...I know, terrible!

I told him to walk away, need to know what you're doing before hand. But here we are. I have done my do diligence with research but was hoping for some friendly info from ya'll. Thanks!

BTW...accounts are a semi national fried chicken restaurant if that helps with the methods.

Vince Wood

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I agree with Rance. Make sure you have the proper insurance though if you do decide to go through with it.


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Thats cool that he got the jobs. How good is his insurance? Like it was said before walk much liabilty. Tell your friend to start on the roof ( i hope he knows he has to clean that area too). Hope he disposes of run off in the proper way. Hope he has alot of plastic, chemicals, and time.