Yard Signs - Jeff Smith of Sparkle Works


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Jeff asked for a group of sign designs and here is draft #1


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Don't have truck signage yet (soon) and people kept stopping me mid job asking me how they could contact me to do some work for them.
These signs should save me time and increase business, everyone who does residential should have some.

It doesn't hurt that working with Tim has been a pleasure too!
Love the way your signs look Tim.
Might get some like that if and when I ever run out of these signs I got now.
Bought 100 of them last year for $350.
Nothing special but lets them know who we are and how to contact us.
They paid for themselves and then some.
Here lemme take a pic and I'll upload....



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Signs look good Jeremy, if its not broke don't fix it. Gotta decide based on the responses your receiving.