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What do you use as work orders for your employees?

My accounting program currently doesn't allow me to convert estimates into work orders. I'm looking for something simple that will allow our technician to know what work to do, have the customer sign off after satisfactory completion of the job, plus time tracking also. I'm also not sure I want to have work orders with the price of jobs on them.

I know there are some excellent programs out there, but I'm trying to keep my cash flow in check by avoiding extra costs, and I'm not exactly patient when learning new programs. I like to keep it simple if possible, but I'm open to suggestions.

Doug Rucker

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Gmail calendar I will post more when I get back to my computer

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Tony Shelton

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We use quick books - I don't use the estimate feature so I just modified the heck out of the estimate for to make it a work order. . . cool thing is once the job is finished it can be moved straight into an invoice

Yes, this works great!

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Doug Rucker

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Jason,I use the calendar in the gmail. All my estimates/jobs are emailed and require a reply confirmation. The email is then copy and pasted into the description part of the event. It is then emailed to my guys, the night before, which has address, time, and all information needed including the exact pricing, how mud to collect, or if they aren't collecting and I am billing, and description of work that the customer got in the email. With the address already in there phone they can then simply click on it for there GPS to take them to the job. If there ever is a problem, now the guys have the exact copy in there phone to share with the customer. NO PAPER. I love it. We are just a small one truck operation so it works really well for us.


We were doing something very similar to Doug except with the iCloud calendar.

All jobs were on the iCloud calendar. Color coded for crew member and day/night shift.

At the beginning of the week one email was sent to each crew member for each shift they were to work. EX. Monday 3/17 Night Shift.

When they arrive at the shop they would reply to that shifts email "name at shop"

Then Upon completion of each job they were to email "job complete" and include any job notes.

I also had generic paper checklists that they would fill out and turn in for each job. This is cool at one point last summer we had a rash of call backs. A wise man suggested that we have them hand copy our job checklist onto a blank work order at each job. We did that for a month and haven't but a couple call backs since.

That worked well for us. As we added more maintenance work the calendar started getting hectic and we bought smart service. It makes life much easier but isn't completely perfect.

Device magic is also a great tool. We use it now for these things:

Time clock: Log in/out at end of the day. Asks additional questions about equipment being ready for following shift when log out is selected.
Goes to production and office manager email.

Job Completion Form: We now give the guys a single paper route sheet for each shift and they send in this form upon completion. Includes a photo. Goes to production email.

Device magic is great and is really versatile. I've even set it up to do all of my bidding from my phone or iPad.

Ron Musgraves

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USE work orders that are in simple PDF cHange form , they auto email to you or anyone. Simple to Create invoice from an stay organized.

The Great thing about QB is they can be memorized so they repeat. If the jobs are regular, these can also work in your Calendar for remembering they have to be completed.

Might take some work setting up , but once done makes life easier