who currently prints invoices on the truck?


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How many of you currently print out invoices on the truck? I am looking at getting a laptop and printer so i can print out customer invoices on the spot. What programs are you using? I am wanting a custom look to the invoices...maybe with a coupon on the bottom for residential customers for a percentage off there next service. Kinda like when you order pizza and automatically get a coupon automatically.

Doug Rucker

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I ahve often thought about doing that too. Let me know what you come with, would be interested to hear about it.

Kevin Moffett

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Dont know what good programs to use. But I do know that the HP Officejet H470b Mobile Printer is very good for printing invoices on the go its small and gets the job done


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When I'm doing a ton of invoices I use a mono HP laser printer. I have a 1500 watt power inverter - the laser printer needs about 750 watts. I use quickbooks with a netbook.

Inkjet printers are ok, but the ink is super expensive, and it runs if it gets the least bit wet - a common problem with our line of work. The laser is cheaper to operate and the ink does not smear or run.

Grime Busters LLC

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I print proposals and invoices on the go. Printing the proposal and adding them to my presentation folder I find that I close 75% of my on-site proposals. Invoices I email and/or mail a hard copy, depending on my commercial customer. Residential is always COD.

cajun cleanin

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I use carbon copy estimate sheets.The same one that is written as the estimate becomes the invoice and reciept.I guess I'm old school