Where to buy caustic beads? Pressure Washing


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I have been looking for caustic beads and can't find them anywhere except from lowe's as a drain opener or from lyedepot.com any suggestions?
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There are a lot of reasons people don't talk about caustic here.

One of the biggest reasons is that so many new people out there don't have experience with mixing chemicals, especially when they don't even know what it is they are looking for to purchase so they might not be respectful of the chemicals and take the proper precautions and work with them safely.

This is for their own good, nobody likes to read about someone that got hurt from chemicals that they had no clue about and were trying to be a home chemist with no experience with chemicals whatsoever, a real recipe for disaster.

People don't like to talk about their own recipe's or mixes to educate their competitors but also so that they are not helping some new guy get hurt by mixing their own chemicals with no clue about the chemicals or how to work with them safely, nobody would like to know they gave someone the idea for a mix to make and find out that someone got hurt mixing chemicals when they had no clue what they were doing, had no clue what the chemical was, no clue what to mix or not mix with the other chemicals, or how to do anything safely.

This is why a lot of chemical discussions don't happen on the sites, it is for the protection for those that don't have experience with chemicals, mixing them, what they do, how they react with others and what to do when something happens they did not think would happen. Just for the safety of others out there.


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I want to stay here in Arkansas, I will not go out of state and only have one person in the state thats on here. But I also don't want to get hurt, I got 2 kids that are counting on me but I want to learn but don't have a teacher. Therefore it's trial and error... errors get you hurt like you said

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Truth be told i have an unopened 50lb bag of beads and havent used any yet when theres been a couple times i could of i think im a little scared haha gunna bust it out soon tho

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We have a few pails of beads in our shop we never used. How much do you mix for degreasing say oil spots on concrete? How many ounces per gal?