What would you charge?


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What would you charge for something like this? at this job there are about 25 of them. I do have to reclaim the water and take it to properly dispose. I will figure out those costs later. My question is what would you charge for these trucks. there are two engines, they do not want me to wash the entire grader, just the 2 engine areas. Would you do an hourly rate or charge per truck. Also the job location is pretty close to my office so travling time is min.

Scott Stone

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Do you realize what kind of monster job this is? It will probably take you a minimum of three hours to wash each engine. If they want you to throw in the knuckle figure that it will take another hour and a half. This is al depending on what type of grease they are using. I would only do it by the hour, at least until I established a baseline of how long it would take, and then, I would also add in waste water disposal fees. It is going to be expensive...

Larry B

For the complete thing I get around $500 for those. For the engine and steering joint it would be a less. Keep in mind that the steering joint is a filthy, greasy, mess.

I am guessing it would take you around 2 hours to do those parts, less if the grease on the steering is not too bad, plus your recovery time. $150-$200 plus extras for recovery time and you should be able to make decent money.

Dave Olson

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We charge by the hour for this type of equipment plus degreaser.

If you are going to pick up the waste you will need to cover those expenses.

As Scott said, it's not going to be cheap!

Dave Olson

Ron Musgraves

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Whats the hourly charge, I owuld charge 95.00 for detail hydrolics on garbage trucks.


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I was thinking the same thing. $100 an hour plus recovery costs, and disposal fees.

I was debating charging per truck or by the hour. Since you guys have more expirence than me, I will go with an hourly charge. Thanks for the advice.


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I have done tons of those. Use HOT WATER!!! & a turbo nozzle. 1 guy can degrease the whole thing in 4-5 hours (depending on the condition) Start at the steering joint and work your way down. Apply heavy degreaser AFTER you get the big stuff off.