What is the UAMCC up to?

Tony Shelton

BS Detector, Esquire
This month one of the ways the UAMCC is working for you is through local contact with AHJ's.

Responding to a request from Chris Shelton of Vegas Pressure Wash and Cameron Lisondra of Native Powerwash, we will be making a presentation for the Las Vegas Stormwater Authority at their monthly meeting in October.

Recently Chris' company was falsely accused by two members of the PWNA Environmental Committee of polluting in order to hammer home their persistent claim that without stricter regulation we would all be polluters. They directed the officials to Chris' youtube page here. http://www.youtube.com/vegaspressurewash . Chris has not removed any videos so they all remain there for anyone to see. There is not a single instance where any water ever made it anywhere near a storm drain. The accusation is not only false, but to direct regulators to a website claiming polluting is depicted there could leave the authorities with he idea that all pressure washing is polluting. I suspect that is the end goal of the PWNA anyway.

Rather than waste the time of the officials defending these accusations the UAMCC thought it would be a good opportunity to use this region as a starting point to help redefine our industry by letting the authorities know what we do, and the value of the services we provide.

It may take years, but eventually we will be able to turn back the clock by educating others who only hear about our industry when someone (usually an employee of a private business with no pressure washing training) uses a pressure washer to illegally and irresponsibly clean something that results in environmental harm.

We will be showing the public the value of using a professional to take care of these jobs and showing them that professionals know how to clean while protecting the environment.

We will be dispelling the myths that claim we use too much water and don't care about the environment, hopefully warding off shutting down of businesses because of water restrictions.

It will be a long overdue introduction of the Professional Powerwashing community to the authorities without the taint of lobbying for equipment sales as a motivating factor.

Here is one example page out of our presentation.

Say some prayers for me. I'm not very comfortable in front of a group, but with your and God's help I can overcome that.




This is a great idea!

Please video tape it with several cameras if possible as this will be a very valuable tool that can be used all around the country but more importantly, it can be posted on youtube for regulators and city officials to view to counter the people out there spreading lies, accusing contractors of something that they are not doing and showing what is really happening out in the field so they know that there is truth out there and they get to see it for themselves.

If you can video it and have the officials ask a lot of questions that would be similar to questions that would be asked from officials or have your own questions asked and answered, that can be a huge help to those contractors and officials to counter the lies, accusations and mis-information being spread out there by people out to hurt our industry and try to over-regulate it.

Thanks Tony and tell your great family Thanks for everything you guys are doing to help contractors out there.


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Thank you Tony. Don't worry about talking in front of a group. Just imagine them as new pressure washers that need your guidance on how to do things properly. Be genuine and yourself as you are there to help them understand the great things we do and make their jobs easier, not sell them unnecessary, more restrictive practices.

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
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Curious as to why this isn't posted on the UAMCC forum?

We are changing the forum back, the other module is not functioning well.

When complete I'm sure it will get posted.

Oct event San Diego free free text me for more details !!


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Tony I want to say Thank You too. I know you spend a lot of time on this subject matter and I am sure you will not have any problems with the presentation. Anybody that can over come acid in the eyes can overcome anything. Just stay focused brother

Russ Johnson

Equipment Expert
You'll do great Tony. Definitely a step in the right direction.

And, thanks Ron...the new forum kinda sucks.

Tony Shelton

BS Detector, Esquire
Am I still invited???

Will it be open to the public?

If you are licensed to do business as a Power Washer within the jurisdiction of the body holding this meeting (Las Vegas Storm water authority) consider this your invitation.

I fail to see how this meeting would have anything to do with your business otherwise.

If you would like the UAMCC to help in your area please send the details of that request to info@uamcc.com, send me the contact info for your local AHJ'S, and I will be glad to make a similar presentation for you.

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