What do you wear?


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hey all,

if you havnt read my intro, in short, im expanding from doing just flat-work, to getting into KEC. I have been training and learning by doing some used hoods that were purchased for resale from a contact i have. One of my biggest issues with this work is the fact that ITS SO DIRTY.

what on earth do you guys wear when working, or is there a secret to getting all this grease off your clothes? do you just put it in your washer at home? laundry matt? do you use a uniform service?

Im also having trouble just getting grease off from my first job that got all over one of my 50' sections of hose and wand.

any help/tips is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you guys!
I have found that Dickies brand Double - Knee painters pants in loose fitting in dark blue or black are my favorite choice. I pluck off large clumps of grease and lop them into my home washer. Pants look new after a year.. amazing. Lol pretty soon after you clean enough hoods.. your body will react fast enough to just dodge it like second nature... haha

Lou hoods&more

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We wear a redesigned butchers apron and arm condoms. Cleaning them consists of chem and rinse. Clothes use a bit if the chem and laundry soap.


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Dickies fan also

I like Dickies cloths also. Been wearing the quick dry polyester pocket tees since June. The purple does have very light bleach staining but minimal. $12 at Walmart. One thing above all is my shirts armpits don't hold odor as bad like cotton tees. Think this next product review may help keep odor at bay also. The pants hold up well but are a little stiff. I'm going to buy some rustoleum never wet waterproofing spray at lowes this weekend. The YouTube videos are amazing. Canvass sneakers after being sprayed becomes waterproof and stain proof. Also you can spray cell phones ect for added protection. For $15 seems like a great investment. Would be great for face shields, glasses and work gloves keeping sh, detergents and dry hands. Let you know the results on the rustoleum