water tanks ???


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Where did you all get your water tanks??? I want to put a 500 gal ( 4700 lbs approx) tank in my box truck and was wanting a good source ie the best tank for the bucks. thanks Rick


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Many places, some buy from farm equipment places, others from mail order.

I get mine from a local company that also advertises in Cleaner Times' called ronco plastics.


1-714-259-1385 not sure of 800 number but check out their web site for it.

If you call ask for Rich Gray.


I'm going to order a 330 gallon rectangle tank from Ronco. I talked to Rich, he seemed like a good guy. It's the one in the Cleaner Times ad. Their pricing on the phone is 50% off what their magazine ads show. Go figure.

The bad thing about ordering a tank is the freight costs involved, which could cost as much as the tank itself.