Water Tank Wanted


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I am wanting a source or sources for water tank or tanks to mount in my box truck, approx: 500 gal ( 4700lbs ) or two tanks that equal 500 gal.
where have you all aquired your tanks from ????????
thanks Rick


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I buy mine from a tank manufacture locally that ships all over and is in Cleaner Times'.

Ronco Plastics, Inc.
1-714-259-1385 and ask for Rich Gray, also can have him mail you a catalog with prices but be sure he knows your what you do, ask for a discount.

Web site: www.ronco-plastics.com

If there is a farm equipment and supply business near you I believe they sell tanks also.


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I have several used 325 gallon square tanks for only $300 each.
They have a blue pallet bottom attached .
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Can you attach a picture, along with measurements? I am in the market now for such a tank as you describe.