Water spigot on commercial building

Diamond Jim

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Anyone every have a keyed spigot not be abled to be turned off at night,on the weekend,on a city corner, with freezing temps coming? What a nightmare.....happened Saturday night and was fixed this morning.

This happened to me at a school a few years ago and it was a major event to fix. They had to shut down the water coming into the building to fix the spigot.

I was able to leave a section of hose and cap the end of it . Prior to that about 20 gallons a minute was gushing out. It was still leaking pretty bad after the capping with water shooting out of the key part.


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That's tough. Did you find out what the cause was? Were you held liable for damaging anything?


We have it happen all the time. The restaurant employees use pliers and strip the keyway. Or an oring goes bad.

Ron Musgraves

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20 stories over 20 years, some pretty funny ones too.

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Steven Button

had a guy screw the spigot all the way out and water was pissing everywhere - took 10 minutes to find the screw-in valve that shot across the parking lot. Fun Times!

Diamond Jim

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I'm working for a PM but had to take control of the situation and made sure it got fixed. It was not a good situation for sure. I am putting on a valve that can be turned on and off then the hose just in casefrom now on. Very busy area from 6am until 9pm.


Not exactly the same, but had a faucet leak back into a restaurant at a center were cleaning tonight. Luckily a manager was still there and let us know.

Got some experience squeegeeing out a restaurant floor.