Washing Windows on High Rise Building

lonnie greenwood

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We have the opportunity to clean the building below (click on link to see), but they are also wanting us to provide a bid to wash the windows while we are cleaning the building. This will include swing stage work and we are trying to get an idea of what to charge per window. We have experience cleaning windows, but just not experienced in pricing for a high rise. Anyone have an idea on what to charge per window? It's an 11 story building.

http://s641.photobucket.com/albums/...r bid job/?action=view&current=101_0809-2.jpg


Some of the guys I know charge from $1.00 to $2.00 per window or sometimes $100.00 per drop (each time they come down the building with the Bosun chair cleaning windows either 2 or 3 wide).

The part of the building that is white with the windows bowing out, that might be hard to do with a swing stage and unless you have a lot of experience with those swing stages and the right insurance I would sub it out to a window cleaning company to be on the safe side. Look at all the accidents in the past 3 years when the wind picked up. Those guys did not have much training and some did not have much experience at all, some were day laborers with intro training.

Repeling with the Bosun chair would be the fastest way, cost less and if the winds picked up, just have the guys get to the ground fast but with only 11 stories they could be on the ground very fast.

Do you network with any window cleaning companies?

Maybe Sheila with the IWCA can recommend someone in that area?
Ummmm! Thats a lot of windows. I'm out! I try to stick with things I already know. Chris makes a lot of good points and had a great Idea. Call Sheila with the IWCA and possible she can recommend someone in that area. She is a great gal. I'm sure she can help.


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Sub it to a window cleaning company with the proper equipment, experience, and insurance.


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Will you be using swing staging for the building wash? If you have experience with high rise rigging and self rescue, and you'll be up there already, you might as well clean the glass too.

Otherwise I strongly agree with Thad. I'm a member of the IWCA, I can find a local cleaner for you if you like. This would be a dangerous job without proper experience and training.


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Get a wide bucket in the lift 8ft. I dont do windows over 6 stories. On the lift always get a 5ft. jib