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Sorry but a long, sad reason for selling these pieces... I started Solar Kleen with a partner but after equipping the company, I decided to branch off under a different name. It was a situation where I didn't want to ruin a friendship with a business venture so we agreed to both launch pw companies and learn the business together in different counties. NJ has plenty of work so we figured we'd be fine. He was a member here and had an introductory post, I believe his screen name was tspenn but not sure. Anyway, I had equipped the company and he was going to pay me back once business started rolling. I moved forward and equipped my company again and unfortunately, the day after he did his first couple houses back in April, he crashed his motorcycle. He died a few days later from head injuries suffered from the accident. Needless to say, I was dumbfounded for awhile and really struggled through May & June while washing houses. I found myself the owner of 2 companies and 2 sets of almost everything you needed to do residential (I didn't take my name of the LLC paperwork from solar kleen yet and had my new company also) I've been towing around enough equipment to run 2 trailers and figured it was time to let go of something so I can upgrade with a hotbox or pool some cash to get a bigger HW unit. Just had to get the story out so I apologize for the lengthy post. Been tough this summer losing a good buddy and as I learn and grow in this biz, I think of the intel we would have exchanged over beers and the WTF's we would've laughed over and even the banter we would've had through this forum. Anyway...

For sale is a Pressure Pro Unit with a Honda GX 390 and General pump. Cold water 4000psi/4gpm unit with less than 50 hours on it. Included in the sale is the 30"wand, all tips and 50" of non-markkng gray hose. Great unit, like new for $900.

For sale also is a Whisper Wash Classic 19" surface cleaner, Less than 20 hours and looks and cleans like new. $500

Buy as a package for $1200.00

Location is North Jersey, Morris county. Ideally, pick-up or meet in the middle of NJ but will get shipping quote if you send me your zip.

pw 4000.jpghose_wand.jpgsurfacecleaner.jpg

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Man, Danny, sorry for the loss of your buddy...sounds like he was a close friend.

You've got some nice stuff for sale. Hope you get it sold quickly.


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Appreciate it guys, he was a great friend and in starting Solar Kleen, we talked everyday since January until the day of the accident.

Great equipment but I already have the same thing on my trailer and with the addition of more hose reels and a second roof pump, this stuff is taking up too much room on a 5x8. What I've been considering is selling the equipment above and the 5x8 trailer, getting an enclosed 6x12 and adding a hotbox. Or, going all in and selling the other 4 gpm I have also and going bigger with a 5.5 hw skid but I think that would be stretching the budget too much. Either way, I think the above equipment is a great deal for the $ and the quality.