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Hey guys,

My cousin in Kentucky has a lightbar for sale. Let me know if you're interested:

55” Whelen LFL Patriot 4 L.E.Ds & 4 Strobes, room to add more, red & clear lenses 2 takedowns, 2 alley lights, Must Sell! $500


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Tony Shelton

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I wish they were Amber Lights in it, I'm looking for a new low profile one for my big sweeper. I can't use Red.

Terry, if you can wait till May I might be able to get you a pallet of them at the auction. When Ron and I were there six months ago they had 2 full pallets of them.
Tony I can wait LOL I have one on it now but just want to go to a digital one instead of the the kind I have, that motors that burn out in all the time from dust.

OH and it needs to be Low Profile too so I can fit in some Garages here in town.