Vanity phone Numbers


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Im looking to acquire a vanity phone # with my area code


Anyone do this? with whom & what are some ballpark rates?

What success have guys had doing this?

I believe 800,888, etc numbers dont work real well

looking for feedback

Nick L

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I have no experience with it but, I have heard google voice will give you a local number free that can forward to your current phone number

Scott D.

Its all about branding. You won't notice a large increase in business, but it can only contribute to your brands long term success.

Zap It Wash

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I have a few myself but have never used them. I do think it could only help with branding. There have been times and maybe it's just me when I wanted to call a company and they had a vanity number and it actually annoyed me a little trying to make sure I spelled their vanity name correctly as I dialed. Right then I wished they just had a regular number listed would have made it easier. Anybody else ever done that?


I believe thad before cell phones, vanity numbers were relevant. Too hard to try to convert letters to numbers on the fly. If I add or change my number I would try to get a number that ends in 4 of the same numbers.

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My experience is people hate dialing by letters. I'd invest in a short easy website address people could remember. Then they will just look it up....they are going to do that anyway. Also, with cellphones people just take a photo of the phone number off your truck. Happens to me all the time.

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