Van for towing a trailer


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Im inquiring if anyone uses a Van to tow a trailer

My trailer is a dual axle weighing no more than 5000lbs

Im thinking of buying a Van (Chevy?) but am not sure if it can tow that amount

Anyone use a Van??

Tony R

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Would go at least 3/4 ton ford or Chevy to handle weight of stuff in the back of then van and the trailer tongue weight.


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Yes, although your back end may start sagging depending on how you have your weight on the truck.

It will work, vans are on truck frames with brakes/suspension being close if not the same.

Rapid HotClean

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There's a contractor out here that runs dually, high top Freighliner Sprinters (same thing as Benz). Seems like expensive hardware to tear-up!


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Good Info Gents

I have 2 Trucks and a small caravan i use for my contracting side of things- I currently tow my trailer with a Ford F250 without any issue

After reading all this feedback probably going to sell a Pickup and buy a Van which gives me more versatility (storage,etc)

I will be sure to install Trailer brakes