Update Google maps annoying calls

Pat Norman

New member
Do y'all get calls everyday from people who first claim to want you to update your Google maps location but then want to help you with seo? I get these everyday almost. I have a blocker app but they call from different places all over the country. Drives me crazy.
yea either ppl claiming to be with google or have a special relationship with google to get me a position, or a machine saying "please press 1 to update your google listing".
I tell the ppl claiming to be with google that its illegal to claim to be with a company or be connected with a company that they're not and that I'll be reporting them to the authorities.
Haven't heard from them this year yet.

Doug Rucker

Roundtable Host 2009
5-6 times a day.....i recently started, depending on my mood and circumstances, to hanging up, to bringing them right to the edge of making a sale, then click, to asking them off the wall questions that make no sense, to speaking in a made up foreign language, to really just whatever hits me at that moment.


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I get them to,5 or 6 times a week,I let them start talking and never say anything back.They say hello hello are you there,then I hang up.


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We get em too. The minute they start with the sales pitch I tell them to check their research because I'm already on the map and on page one in my area for my service.

Matty P

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I always ask them what they are wearing, if it's a guy I'll start asking sexually inappropriate questions. They hang up first, I win.


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I ask them politely if what they have is free.... they of course go into their script to evade the price questions... Then i tell them I have more business than i can handle and i am booked out 6-9 months... so unless what they offer is free.... I'm not interested... usually does the trick.