Truck wrap - feedback before I pull the trigger


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Hey guys.. Looking for some feedback on this before I make my final changes with the sign company.

Keep in mind this is a very quick rough idea. The blue bubble background will be the same blue seen in the second photo showing the trailer signs.

Need feedback on lettering placement, what's missing, what needs to go, UAMCC logo placement? Etc...

Thank you!



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I put some comments on facebook on the changes I would do.


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are you doing the back of your trailer in any way. That's the bit people see when they are behind you at the lights etc.

Doug Rucker

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I would remove the "& more' and where Roof Cleaning and Paver Sealing and Paving Repair is I would remove one and make sure ONLY my two bigger revenue generating services are there and make them BIGGER. Paver Sealing and Paver repair are sort of redundant to me.

I would make Central Flo smaller and Pressure Cleaning bigger and move the phone # under that. And put it all on the from door. People take pics of your contact info with cell phones these days, I think it's important to have your company name and phone# together so they only have to take one pic. UAMCC logo on the rear door.

Put Call or Text in front of phone # (if thats a cell #)

On that second pic--I would remove the word Soft Wash--not needed and make roof cleaning bigger or paver sealing bigger-again whichever is your biggest revenue producer.

Is there a tailgate pic???