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Hi Everybody,
Once again thanks for all the valuable help in the insurance area.
OK, here's my next question:

What type of training do you provide for your employees?? This includes a general knowledge of the equipment (that's understood, you don't want someone destroying your equipment) operations and usage. Do you require any "formal" training such as an OSHA 10 hour course? Do you have an employee safety program in place (to keep your employees safe while working)with a record of training and company policies? Do you have any specialized training programs that you give your employees such as, EPA certification in understanding the Clean Water Act and it's applications to the pressure washing industry?

I am just curious as to the levels of training and certification you guys have set for you and your employees... I ask this because since I am in NY on Long Island, the local government agencies are real anal about the Clean Water Act and waste water/runoff going into the recharge basins and or storm drains that lead to local waters. I know that this question might not apply to everyone here on PWI, but the larger companies that deal with CWA and EPA stuff may be able to help out here...

BTW, I am real happy to have joined this group, you guys are really a godsend and a breath of fresh air when it comes to sharing knowledge and info.... thanks again and I hope I can be of help to any of you as you have been to me...