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Steven Button

May be putting a new trailer together for next year, got equipment pretty much priced out, but need to find a source for a 14' tandem axle utility trailer in FL.

Will be putting to hot skids on trailer with 325 gallon tank and related reels, hose, chem tanks, wands, surface cleaners.

What's a fair price for a 14' tandem axle trailer and do any of you guys know of a good Florida trailer manufacturer/distributor?

Thanks for your time.


I would definately go with the 5k axles if you will have at least 1/2 tank of water when traveling, 2 hot water skids, hoses, etc.... and a good size pothole can easily bend an axle when you have 3500 pound axles on the trailer, had it happen many times, the roads around here are bad.

My trailer repair guy told me that you should never have more than 80% of the whole capacity of the trailer on it at any time as bumps and potholes are the things that bend axles more than anything and what most people forget he told me is that people always do not include the trailer's empty weight when figuring how much stuff they can put on the trailer as the trailer itself can weigh from 1000 to 2500 pounds empty.


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The Cleaner

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I have had my Hammerhead trailer up and down the east coast for years and it held up well. It is built like a tank so I can recommend it, I have tandem 6500 lb axles on it with brakes.

Steven Button

Chris, Josh, Nick,

Thanks for the info.

Chris, this trailer will be on and off highways - roads are not too bad around here. Water weight should be around 800lbs on travel with only 100 gallons in tank, towing weight will be around 70% of max.

Josh, I found gulf to lake in a search - will need to check out the build quality.

Nick, did you get 'the beast' trailer up north or is there somewhere local that supplies them?

Thanks again!


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We have a 18' Superior trailer with tandem 7,000 lbs axles with both with brakes and the frame is very solid built with the frame not spaced far apart. We have it loaded down to the max! If you are planning on putting two hot water machines on a trailer you will need to find a trailer with large axles for those holes in the road that you might hit also finding one with the support close together helps keep everything safe. Price for our trailer was $4,500. It's worth what you pay for things if they will last.

Steven Button

Thanks Matthew.

Just to clarify, this won't be 'loaded to the max'. I am putting it together to service a possible new account and will be run by employees. Basic, bare-bones and built for a specific service type... aim is to have an efficient, easy to use rig for all IQ levels!! :smile2:

The flatbed we've got is 'loaded to the max' for all job types, the other trailer is pretty much all-encompassing as well.