Things I Learned While Cleaning

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Cleaned 16 3 story apartment breezeways, mostly college kids. Here's just a few things I learned from them and a few general observations.

- If a cop lives in the complex you're supposed to spit your gum in front of his door.

- You must take off the tax labels from you're bottles of alcohol and wrap them around the staircase handrails.

- The top of fire extinguisher cabinets is the place to put a spare key.

- If you smoke lefties you gotta go to the top floor where no one can possibly see you, you're safe that far up, after all the cops live on the 1st. And if somebody comes up there,like a guy cleaning the breezeways, offer a hit (happened more than once) and your cool.

- There are such things as chicken flavored profolactics (found one on top of an extinguisher cabinet).

- Empty beer cans go in the gutters.

- Painters are the mortal enemies of pressure washers. They just love to drop paint all over concterte. So those who do both must really have issues.

- Never assume that water can't creep into a unit. Not all of them are properly sealed and have flashing to prevent seepage.

- If someone opens the door to see who's making noise outside at 9 am, go ahead & wet 'em down. That way you'll deserve the cussing you're already gonna get!

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Put a sign on your trailer "wet t-shirt contest here" $100 Prize.

We should have done that in Ft Laurderdale :sarcastic: