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As a long time Roof Cleaner and Forum Admin/Resident AODD pump fan at the RCIA, I got a lot of requests from guys wanting to see if I could help them put an AODD Roof Cleaning/Soft Wash System together. Finally after putting a few of them together, I started my PUMP MAN division, built a dedicated pump shop on my property and now buy, rebuild/refurbish and sell Air Diaphragm Pumps specifically tailored to the needs of Roof and Building Cleaning contractors. Because of the nature of the Pumps and the fact that they don't change all that often, the AODD pumps are perfect for rebuilding/refurbishment. Buying them used/refurbished and tested is a great way to save money while avoiding the risks of buying used and unknown. The AODD pump market is chock full of pumps with tons of different model numbers, designations, versions, codes, etc. Worse, getting the parts and service is a mish-mosh of suppliers, most of who are clueless when it comes to the requirements of roof cleaning pump systems. Now you can buy from somebody who not only knows roof cleaning pumps but runs a successful, active roof cleaning operation. I know what it takes to make an AODD pump system work in our business.

TRUE Roof Cleaning Pumps.

My primary pumps are all Chem PROOF. I only sell pumps made from acceptable materials for AODD pump use with SH (with some exceptions...see below). They are fully chem resistant and can even be used as transfer pumps for 12.5% or 15% SH without rinsing.

Examples: ARO 1/2" Kynar AODD Pump w/Teflon Ball valves/Kynar Seats/Teflon Diaphragms. New, $1095. My price on a rebuild $349.
ARO 1" Kynar Pump. Teflon Ball valves/Kynar Seats/Teflon Diaphragms. New $1795. My price on a Rebuilt pump $799.

Badly corroded main shaft from a used "fully tested" 1" pump. This pump ran but it would have soon locked up. $175 in parts later the pump ran fine.

The Perils Of Buying Used.

Can you buy AODD Pumps used for less? Yup, but do you know all the codes to get the right pump? Do you know how to change a diaphragm and what are compatible with what pump and what part swaps need to be made to accommodate the change? What if you get a pump coded for one diaphragm and it has a different type...will there be problems (the answer is sometimes YES!). Most pumps sold used are untested by people who have no clue what they are or how to test them (and no, hooking up air and making it go puff puff does NOT qualify as "Testing"). If you get a bad one, you are out the money and time, plus the rebuild and parts costs will run you more than what buying a rebuilt one from me costs. Do I get screwed on some of them I buy? You bet! So I take a fair markup for the time put in and reuse the usable parts on the bad ones. You get a good, tested, Roof Cleaning Compatible pump at a fair price.


EVERY pump I rebuild is put onto my test truck and sent out for a day of cleaning. Every. Single. One. If I can't make money with it, why should I expect you to? Does it mean it sometimes takes a bit longer to get the pump versus just shipping it out? You bet. Does it mean you will get a fully tested pump? Yup...and it will probably smell like SH when you get it.

1/2" and 1" Pump Size Comparison

The Most Popular Sizes.
I stock and sell the most common sizes for roof cleaning with 1" being the most popular, followed by 1/2" and then 3/8".

Non Kynar Beginner/House Wash Pumps.
If you are not sure if air is going to be right for you or you want a pump for doing house washes, I also have a few non Kynar Pumps...poly 1/2" sizes at dirt cheap prices from time to time, typically bought as a multi pump package. They are STILL tested, then I sell them on cheap. This is a great way to stick your toe into the AODD pump universe without spending a lot on a Kynar pump.

Pump Trade Up/Buying/Service Program
Are you ready to trade up from your 3/8" or 1/2" pump into a 1" pump? Is your pump getting a bit long in the tooth and looking at the manual for rebuilding makes your brain hurt? I take trade ins, buy pumps and offer servicing and testing for your old pumps. Old AODD Pumps don't die...they get refurbished!


By request, I also sell pre-packaged Roof Cleaning Pump Systems. Some guys don't want to order 14 different items and put it all together...they just want to get in in a box, do a few simple hookups and start making money. That is where the pump packages come in. Each System comes complete with Pump, air lines, custom air distribution manifold, Regulator/Gauge, Water Separator, Camlock Connectors, Properly Sized Fluid Lines, owner's manual and tech support, etc. The Water Separators in include are the incomparable Tsunami which is so good I buy it at retail and pass it on without markup. All components are commercial grade, fully tested products that I use on MY Harbor Freight Grade 1/2" Basic 1/2" Pump packages start at $749. Advanced pump systems including Dual Pump Packages with compressor are available. Please inquire.

3/4" Spray Hose

I also sell 3/4" PVC Spray hose which is hard to find.

See my website at or call 360-831-9494 to inquire. Located in Bellingham, WA.