Telescopic pole.... worth the money?


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I don't do many jobs in the air. I have a ledge to clean that is about 15ft up that wraps around a building . Acces is a pain due to being in down town Dallas. This is a high traffic area. I have thought about getting mobile scaffolding or a scissor lift but due to the location and time etc and other things that isn't very ideal for me . Is a pole worth the money and does it do a decent job.


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Sounds like if you get(even rent) a 12' A frame ladder you would be at eye level with the roof line and could wash with a standard 48" wand??


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Hey Ledges are a pain. Have to get above them to clean them. REALLY. We spent yesterday on a call back over ledges after cleaning 156 balconies.
We use 11 - 46 metre Elevated work platforms (cherry pickers) or access the roof and shoot down.


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I have one but only used it on 2nd story gutters. I have a equipment company down the road if I need to rent a lift for a day.