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Dave Olson

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Lo-Boy Trailer (Tag A Long)

Considering buying this 10-year-old trailer. Plan to use it for hauling 1000 gallons of water or more and water reclaim equipment. Can also use to haul tractor.

You folks that pull a trailer a lot I would like your feedback. Here are some of the specs:

Manufacturer – Talbert - Model T3BT-9
GVWR 22,000 pounds, payload 18,000 pounds

3-6000# axles with all wheel brakes, overall width 102”(82” between fenders), platform height 24”, overall length 28 feet, platform 23’ flat (2” oak few boards loose), and a 2’ beavertail, 2-21”x60” ramps

6-16 x 6 wheels, 6-235/85x16 tires (round & black), DOT lights need repair.

5-foot tongue, 2-5/16” ball coupler, 22" deck height

This unit is available to me locally (no freight charge) would need to spend time getting lights repaired and probably need at least a couple of tires. We would use one of our 2-1/2 ton trucks to pull it, since I don't think my Suburban could handle it!

Anybody have an idea how much this trailer might be worth? Also interested in any other comments that you may offer with regards to using a trailer of this size.

Thanks for your interest and time.

Dave Olson


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Tim Mcculla

Tim McCulla
Hey Dave, Looks like it would for sure handle the load - plenty of space dirrectly over the axle. Plus room for plenty of other gear. I would it would be very safe - considering you have a big truck to pull it with.

As far as pricing - I would say you could get it for much less than it is worth. I say that because the buyer of that must have a specific need (moving equipment or in your case water) and also have a means to pull it (large vehicle like you have). So with that in mind, I would bid as low as you feel that is not insulting to the seller.

Good Luck - Tim


Dave cann't help on price,I know around here they are not cheap even with lose boards.Your bowtie can handle it as the trailer has 3 brakes to stop you.I would hook to it and pull it down the road at the speed you will be pulling it with the 2 1/2 ton,if it weaves back and forth every back it will weave worse when loaded,the axles would be bent from carrying HY. load.It may be cheaper on you to just buy a water wagon,check them out at the farm supply store,only thing you cann't carry ya tractor on them.


Deck Care Pro

May I suggest the internet, under a "heavy equipment" search or your local trailer supplier. We have one here in town that buys and sells used trailers.

Scott Stone

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The suburban wil probably not be able to pull it legally. Talberts are generally quality trailers. I would look for Rust and unusual wear, and check the axles to make sure that they are not dammaged, as well as the springs.
If it all looks okay, then I would offer around $1500 to $2000 depending on the desperation of the individual selling it, and what it will tak eto repair the deck.
It helps if you feel like you are getting a fair value for your money.



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AROUND HERE YOU CAN BUY A NEW 16' OR 18' X 6' 10' 12,000#


Dave Olson

Workin North of 60
I bought it! $1,300. Thanks for all of the replies. They really helped.

Have another question! - This trailer has a 2-5/16" ball coupler. Do any of you have experience with using a pintle/ball hitch on a towing vehicle?

The ones that I have seen on the net have the pintle assembly with a ball on the bottom and then it latches to the top of the coupler on the trailer. The balls, receivers (Reese type) that I have been able to find on the net don't have a real high weight rating. These pintle assemblies go up to 4000 pounds tongue weight and over 20,000 pounds pulling capacity.

This trailer is rated at 22,000 GVWR. I have attached a picture of the front of the trailer and the coupler.

Thanks again for your time and interest.

Dave Olson


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Scott Stone

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With that heavy of a trailer, If you are going use all ofthe weight capacity, I would go with a pintle hook assembly. The heaviest Ball assembly that i have ever seen was 12,000 LBS. There may be higher ratigns available. I woul dthink that a pintle would attract less unwanted attention.



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Trailers for us!!

We prefer trailer mounted units. I have seen to many times a truck break down and then that machine is done until the repairs are made. The repairs will cost more in the long run if you count all the jobs that machine will not produce being your truck is in the shop.

Dave Olson

Workin North of 60
This is what we were doing during January when we could not get out!

Gettin the old trailer worked on. We pulled all wheels, checked and replaced bearings and brakes as needed.

This picture is the unit up on blocks getting a prime coat.

Dave Olson


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Dave Olson

Workin North of 60
Here is what it looks like after all our work.

Now all we need is to have something to do/carry with it! Did someone say Spring! :)

Dave Olson


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